Choose Yellow

Meet Judy. We met today at Discount Builders Supply, both of us after shelving.


Judy has eight one-color outfits in her wardrobe: pink, green, sage, blue, orchid, periwinkle, white, and this, the yellow. I do not know how the green differs from the sage, but I go with it, accepting the clarification that orchid is a form of orange, however the orange lipstick does not go with the orchid ensemble. Obviously.

Judy in Full Yellow

Each morning, Judy wakes up and decides which color to go with, and then wears that one color head to toe, jewelry, socks, and all. What’s really amazing about her whole approach, visuals aside, is the emphasis on streamlining. When I first spied Judy, I right away assumed that she had an enormous clothing collection, that this incredible outfit was the result of a vast amassment, a tantalizing glimpse. But no. She explained that the eight monochromatic outfits were all the clothing she owned and that she rotated them one at a time. The reasoning being that, “Monochrome makes life simpler.” I admire this reasoning, so often found only among goths and icy city-folk of the black persuasion, and I’m so pleased that the day we met was a yellow one.

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