If you really want a pair of handmade sheepskin high-tops, you’re going to have to go to Angél’s studio behind her house in Bodega Bay so that she can trace your foot. If that’s possible for you, by all means, get there. And then walk down the lane and go swimming in the big crashing ocean, with thoughts of her stacks and stacks of luscious, raw American sheepskin to keep you warm. Soon enough, your pair of permanently affixed boot-slippers will do the job for you.

Angél Fiorito-Leddy has designed and made custom leather footwear and clothing since 1977, when she got her start over at The Leather Shop on Folsom Street before making her way up to Oregon to fine-hone her leatherwork skills. Her first passion is fabricating custom moccasins according to your orthepedic needs and your heart’s specifications.  At the shop, we offer her concession to the ready-to-wear market. Long before Uggs ever began to whisper sweet nothings of salty mornings and velour track suits into our collective ear, Angél came up with a genius high-top sheepskin slipper that can be made to standard sizes instead of measured to fit. Very home cosy, very nice outside the home, so very tortoise-making. And—get this—they’re machine washable.

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