Tahiti Pehrson

Mere scissors in Tahiti’s hand render a universe of intricacy and layering, light and shadow. He is best known for his work in paper, such as the free standing sculptural piece “Babylon the Bride,” and his multi-layered shadow box wall pieces. Tree branches, ferns, flowers, and also saw blades, gem explosions, and beckoning hellos to our astral neighbors combine with silhouette portraits of friends and luminaries. Tahiti has created album covers and commissioned portraits for a bunch of wonderful musicians and he also print collages some killer T-shirts.

He cut the none-too-tasteful neon signage for our old location and he hand-carved the friendly boat sign that hangs outside our current location.

Tahiti is also daddy to wee Esmay, honored competitor in the Happiest Bean on the Block Blue Ribbon Competition.

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