Keith Aderholdt

Keith is the woodworker behind both our old tiny shop on Treat & 18th Street and our current one on 21st. He is also the master carpenter to thank for the inimitable Mollusk Surf Shop, Trouble Coffee, and Outerlands restaurant across town from us in the Sunset. It’s fairly safe to say that if it’s a place you fancy in San Francisco that looks rather sea chewed and exquisite, there’s a solid chance you’re admiring his work.

Keith’s passion is working with reclaimed wood and recycled materials, and in our case, he had the unique opportunity to work and rework the selfsame materials in two locations, for the same shed redwood that lined the old shop now serves as window seats and baseboards in the new one.

For the record, Keith is also a former Navy sailor, a clean energy enthusiast, and a fine DJ. On our job, he was assisted by Ajax Oakford, Nelson Saarni, and Beth Cooper. Also Otis Kaltvedt, Luke Ogden, and innumerable big-hearted friends sawed, grinded, primed, and painted their way through with us, for which we are supremely grateful.

Here he is pictured beside the beautiful Dutch door he built for our entrance. Pretty perfect for being his first door project ever.

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