Eatwell Farm CSA

Community Supported Agriculture, commonly called a CSA, is our primary model at the shop. In a CSA, consumers sign up to directly support farmers by receiving a box of produce that is dropped off in the city on a regular basis. That way, farmers receive payment and quantity information in advance, which allows them to manage their finances and plan their planting more efficiently. Among the happy side effects of this model is that farmers are freed up to experiment with different crops, as their customer base is assured, and CSA recipients are compelled to eat local/seasonal/organic.

Eatwell Farm

It has been a long-held ambition of ours to serve as a CSA drop off location, and with our big new shop space,  Eatwell Farm has made this a reality. Each Wednesday they will be dropping boxes of fresh produce and a cooler full of fresh laid eggs. This morning we received our first delivery.

Eatwell Line Up

Eatwell Farm is a 65-acre organic farm in the Sacramento Valley. Nigel Walker has been farming the certified organic land since 1993 and was able to purchase it in 1998.  They grow hundreds of different crops and run a major CSA operation in addition to a regular stall at the Ferry Building farmer’s market.

Chicks on the farm

To sign up for your own weekly CSA box, please contact the farm directly. The photos of the farm you see here are from Nigel’s blog,

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