Shaye La McKenney

Shaye was born in Berkeley and grew up in commune in Oakland. Her mama was a textile designer and collector who specialized in rich, “eco-friendly” fabrics long before such things were considered hiporganic cotton, cozy knit jacquards, hand-loomed silks, french milled lace. Shaye uses up her mom’s stash of these beautiful fabrics for her unique, one of a kind clothing line, The Cozy. She works out of her home in San Francisco, and sometimes at her mom’s place over in Richmond.

Her most recent adventure was opening and closing a socialist boutique called “La Library” up on Guerrero Street where she sold and rented out vintage and new clothing. These days, she works over at Adobe Books and organizes the Pinko Women’s Art Collective, which offers women-only workshops, collaborative art projects, potlucks, parties, and singalongs. We are delighted to have Shaye’s clothing in the shop while she hatches her next plan for a bigger and badder boutique of her own.

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