Frederico, Sock Monkey Maker

One of the most celebrated items in the new shop space has been our Rockford Red Heel socks, otherwise known as sock monkey socks. They’re good-looking, cotton, made in the heartland, they don’t bunch up, and of course they readily become lovable wee bedfellows. But, let’s be honest, how many of us out there are really taking the time to make monkeys of our socks?

Enter my new excellent friend Frederico Ramirez.

Frederico Ramirez

Frederico came into the shop today with his mom, Boline, and spyified our raw Rockfords right off the bat. Boline informed me that Frederico began making sock monkeys when he was 10 years old, and he’s now made at least 18 monkeys, each a different size and with his own character. Amazing! I immediately invited Frederico to teach a workshop on sock monkey building at the shop, perhaps with an eye toward making it kid-friendly. He agreed and, despite pretty obvious raised eyebrows directed his mom’s way, left the shop empty-handed.

Not an hour later, Frederico and Boline were back for a new pair of Rockfords. Boline said that once they got home, Frederico was so inspired to create more monkeys, they had to grab a few to show me and come right back to the shop for some supplies.

Tiny Sock Monkey

I’m so happy they did. Pictured here is a tiny sock monkey that Frederico fashioned from a stash of tiny Redfords he scored on eBay. I love how he stitched raised eyebrows on the little guy, and also included a very long, slim tail that didn’t quite make it into the photos. Really made my day.

Look for a workshop with Frederico soon!

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