The signage is complete.
Ajax Installing Sign

It’s been a long while coming. Our thanks and gratitude go to Tahiti Pehrson, who hand-carved the boaty hanging sign up in Nevada City, and to Jeff Canham, who created the pyramid with wings stoker on behalf of New Bohemia Signs here in San Francisco.

Tahiti Pehrson Sign

Both Tahiti and Jeff turned out such unbelievable work, especially when one considers the direction they got from us. “Make it very cheerful, 70’s conversation pit with fondue, 80’s King Tut commemorative sweatshirt, shave ice, none too tasteful, lifetime auntie, simple rainbow explosion.” And here we are.

G&G Sign

Of course, none of it would have happened without the steadfast assistance from Ajax Oakford, braving the whip of the California Republic flag and throwing peace rainbows all over the place.

Ajax Peace

Here’s to spreading still more happy confusion in the neighborhood.

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