Becoming Commons

I’m so looking forward to the Becoming Commons event happening this evening at the Headlands Center for the Arts. The program will be lead by two artists-heroes of mine, J. Morgan Puett, founder of Mildred’s Lane, and Allison Smith of SMITHS, along with my lovely friend Erin Elder and Brian Conley.

Puett: Shack

The chicken coop at Mildred's Lane.

Puett: Dress

A dress from Puett's show, Wholesale to The Trade Only, 1985-1997.


The Interior of Puett's shop on Broome Street, NYC.

Tonight we’ll share in a “clustering/swarming/gathering of people entangled in the complexities of everyday living and working together. Looking to historical models of communes, collectives, homesteads, experimental outposts, and other forms of collective barn raising, participants are invited to share their stories and ideas”….to be continued this weekend on the Mesa.

Smith: Indigo

Indigo dying at SMITHS with Travis Boyer.

By the by and by and by, 2007

By the by and by and by, 2007

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