Paula Frazer Handwoven

For some time, we’ve known Paula as a musician we’ve wanted to rope in for the shop record shelf. Then when we discovered that she was weaving extraordinary, timeless scarves, we had to get her in here on the double.

Paula Frazer grew up in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. When she was 16, she apprenticed with a hippie crone who began her down the path of learning how to weave on a loom, spin wool, and dye yarn with natural materials. Together they worked on a huge loom, creating wall hangings for the Little Rock medical center. Paula’s been making decorative and functional woven pieces ever since.

She moved to San Francisco in 1981 and music has been her main focus here, including her run with  though she thinks of music and weaving as necessarily linked—both crafts are driven my rhythm and pacing. While at the loom, Paula likes to hear things that help keep her rows straight and her output steady—lost of Gene Clark, Technicolor Web of Sound, and Espers.

A couple years ago, Cortland Avenue up in Bernal Heights had the brief pleasure of her shop, Paula Frazer Handwoven, where she sold hand-woven scarves, yarn, and other delights and offered workshops on knitting and weaving. After closing down, Paula has continued to create elegant scarves and the occasional handbag, muffler, and enormous knit hood. We look forward to hosting workshops with Paula here at our shop and to seeing her play live around town.

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