Cerámica &

Sunny corner studio ceramics

Today I overheard a neighbor of ours explain to her friend, with great authority, that our shop sold cerámica. As with all the attempts to provide a full description of what we’ve got, it’s always indeed, and….

Sunny corner--full

Here in the sunny corner is a rough sampling. Starting in the lower left, we’ve got a lineup of WindWalkers, made up in Bodega Bay by Angél Fiorito-Leddy, and above that, a eucalyptus wine rack beside a bay laurel Pre-Wishbone chair handmade in Bolinas by Tripp Carpenter (the same fellow who made our big table). The Paul McCobb-ish table is unmarked but you can bet it’s mid-century Danish—the legs detach from the top by means of wonderful, two inch long, inch thick threaded wooden ends. Most of the studio pottery and the ceramic lamp is unmarked as well, with the exception of the vase in the back row, right hand side, which was made by J. Morris Cotter up in Yuba City. Joe Meade helped us to get many of these pieces together. Finally, the lovely molded plywood chair was made in 1962 in Belgrade, I can tell you that, but I can’t tell you much more. It’s just stuff I like.

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