शुभं जन्मदिनम् Felix!

Big auntie love to the new tiny man in my life, Felix Rohan Van Wagner-Meade. Here’s Felix in his prefered sleeping modality, swaddled up on Papa’s chest.

Wendy, Joe, and Felix

Felix was born at home on November 5th, 2009 to Wendy Van Wagner and Joe Meade. He came in the morning, at 9:38 am, weighing 6 lbs 12 oz, all 20.5 inches of him.


We’ve been waiting patiently for him (in the yard) for some time.

Quiet House

The house was made quiet and warm for him. When he came, he came quickly. Early Thursday morning, Joe filled the birth tank that was set up in the kitchen and, suitably, Wendy breathed through most of her labor there.


By the time the midwives came, Wendy was fully dilated and ready to push out her baby. Felix arrived with the utmost calm, and he’s spent his first days calmly sleeping, eating, and casting his love spell.

Rice on the StoveWendy + Joe at the stove

Joe’s been taking care of his family—keeping the lights low and the stove hot.


It was such a privilege and a delight to spend time with this new family.
Sending all my love to Wendy, Joe, and Felix.
xoxo Auntie Cass

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