Wooly Workers

These past couple days, we squirrels been working hard to ensure that the shop is amply stocked with woolies for the winter to come. Yesterday we met with Mr. Kurt Fausset who is knitting up some beautiful and suitably nutty looking legwarmers for us.

Kurt's legwarmers

If only we could rip the amazing racerback sweater top that he made off of Kurt’s back, we wouldn’t have to order up one immediately to share amongst ourselves. But then, he does look awfully handsome in this odalisque sitch….

Kurt Sweater

And then this morning, I visited with Paula Frazer at her lovely home/studio up in Bernal. Paula made me a delicious coffee snack and told me a bit of her recent far-flung adventures, and then we got down to color selection business.

Paula's Studio

Yarn at Paula's

There are going to be some very well-appointed and warm folk around town this winter….I can’t wait to see everything take shape.

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