Studio Choo FLWRS No1

We are delighted to serve as a regular showcase for Alethea Harampolis and Jill Pilotte’s sweet, scenty, and rightly wild floral arrangements.

Studio Choo 1

Althea and Jill started their design partnership, Studio Choo, after years of working together at the ultra modern gallery/floral shop Rose and Radish. Their designs often include hints of the wild and wooly botanical world world outside of the vase—acorn-laden twigs, drooping bows of pussy willow, and starry succulents—while maintaining the simplicity and attention to detail they’ve picked up after years of working with plants and flowers. Whenever possible, Alethea and Jill like to use flowers that are locally grown and always fresh and seasonal.

For this, our first, arrangement, all of the flowers were grown in California. They include freesia, narcissus, red myrtle, tulips, ranunculus, anemone, and camellia.

Studio Choo 1 Up Close

So, regular? What’s this regular you say? That’s right. Lady-like fresh cut flowers, delivered to your home (or shop) on a regular basis. Weekly, even, in a vintage vase, often. Studio Choo does this! And we’ll be blogging about it….

They also create beautiful individual arrangements for special delivery, or they can do full weddings, private parties, and events. You can give them a call at (415) 624-5981, email them at, or select one of the beautiful bunches from their online shop, with delivery available Monday-Saturday. Busy and super talented girls, they.

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