Brook Schneider

Brook’s one of those full time artists, a lady who lives deeply and beautifully. She’s also a student of acupuncture and herbal medicine at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We were delighted to host her first installation, True Geomance, which opened at the shop on 12/11/09.

Brook combines the elements of the natural world with the hyperreal and finds profound spiritual cues in seemingly absurd places. Some of her favorite sources of inspiration include the New Age, nature field guides, geomancy (earth divination), channeling,  sacred geometry, Five Elements acupuncture, and 80’s sitcoms about extra-terrestrials.

Her work, which combines the principles of Chinese medicine and healing with visual celebration, is also a litmus for how balanced she feels. It’s the the diagnosis and the cure at once, and also a reminder of the very real potential for a profound global consciousness shift in our lifetime!

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