Captain Blankenship

Captain Blankenship is a one-woman workshop founded in 2009 and run by Jana Blankenship from her home in Berkeley. When Jana was a child she loved mixing her mom’s discarded perfume into signature fragrances like “Scents of Hawaii.” These heavily sniffed concoctions resulted in an allergy to synthetic scents, but also led to her love of smells. After starting to make her own lip balms at home and sharing them with friends and family, she quickly expanded her line into luxurious soaps, bath salts, body balms and scents. All of her products are made with organic or wildcrafted ingredients, essential oils, and a heavy dose of love.

Jana is also an artist and a curator and a lover of wilderness. The smells of the outside world tend to drive her wild, especially after it rains.

The beautiful oceanside photo of Jana is by Rachel Barrett, friend of the House.

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