Found on Haight

Self on Margie

Came upon this 8 ft long animistic rolling wave shelving situation on the Haight Street sidewalk, right in front of Buena Vista Park. Gave Lisa a call, strapped the sucker to Maguerite, and brought him back to our shopkeeping lair (named him on the way Luis, I think). A fresh coat of leftover high gloss white, and we have ourselves a new shelving system, ladies and gentlemen, perfect for books, paper goods, records, and the odd DIY cardboard rhino kit.

White Shelves

Now, we could have spent countless hours coming up with a design and fabricating a system that never would have lived up to the looks and function of this beauty. Just goes to show that patience, the eagle eye, and a healthy dose of procrastination can sometimes deliver what you never knew you required, right to a nearby sidewalk.

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