Vibrational Perfumery Workshop This Friday

There is still space available for this Friday’s 4th chakra-centric Vibrational Perfumery Workshop with Yosh Han. Class will run from 6 to 7:30. Please drop us an email at if you’d like to attend.YOSHYosh concocts a range of exquisite trans-aromative perfumes that are available at a range of high-lady points of interest such as Barney’s, Colette in Paris, and my mom’s dressing table (she has declared White Flowers 1.41 the scent of her lifetime). To catch a whiff of her signature scents in the neighborhood, I suggest you hoof it over to Candystore Collective, longtime stockists and friends of The Perfumer.

For Gravel & Gold, Yosh has been experimenting with a new, lower priced, various mood-appropriate range of four scents. Jasmine Grace, Sol, Twinkle ($30 each), and Shukran ($47) come in twist top vials that are ready to take up residence in your purse or pocket and are intended to satisfy your day to day scent whims. So far, I have declared Jasmine Grace the scent of my wintertime 2010it’s so feminine and friendly, it’s really been brightening up my wet, chilly days.

Yosh at Gravel & Gold

I’m really looking forward to the workshop Friday….hope to see you then!

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