4th Chakrafelt Thanks

Yosh treated us to a wonderful lesson in vibrational perfumery last night, followed by a marathon smell exploration and chakra cleansing. Among the invaluable pearls she passed on was the difference between top, middle, and base notesthink in terms of viscosity vis-a-vis the food chain: the fruits of a tree are are often top notes, waist growth such as flowers are middle notes, and the soil, grasses, and mushrooms are base notes.

She also revealed the astonishing scent confluence of the orange tree, whose bark renders the orange essence, leaves render a type of bergamot, and blossoms render neroli, and she turned us on to the Reverse Birthday Candle Sniffing Technique, whose glorious secrets may only be known by my fellow initiates.

Yosh Workshop Group

Yosh brought along her kit of essential oils, which she introduced and passed around the table. We were then each able to gather our favorites and endeavor to compose our individual perfume blends.

Yosh Supplies

Yosh Scent Sticks

Yosh Notes

Here’s our dearest Sunday+ shop assistant Abby with the beginnings of her blend…..We’re going to organize a follow up workshop with Yosh where we can refine our blends and formulate drams to take home. So if you were there last night—or now wish you could come late to our table—keep a lookout for another workshop soon!

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