Little City Gardens

Little City Gardens is a blossoming urban farming business located here in the Mission District. Farmers Brooke Budner and Caitlyn Galloway produce an artisinal salad mix, braising mix and culinary herbs, which they sell weekly to a restaurant and neighborhood subscribers. They’re both also involved with the shop—you may have noticed Brook’s Greenhorn sticker packs and Caitlyn’s handcarved wooden spoons and silkscreened moon calendars around the shop.

As these two very talented ladies work on their farm project, they are developing and analyzing the potential of urban micro-farms to be financially viable within the local market economy.  Little City Gardens seeks to serve a diverse population and to build a community dialogue about food systems, by involving and educating members in their processes and problem-solving.

Brook and Caitlyn are expanding this spring to a larger lot and need your help to raise the funds for start-up capital! Meet the farmers, learn more about their project, their plans, and get involved with their fundraising campaign by taking a look at their Kickstarter page. There you’ll also find a highly informative—and beautiful—video about Brook and Caitlyn and their farming plans. You’re sure to find that lending a hand to these lady-farmers is a very worthwhile investment indeed.

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