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Wonky things are afoot on this here website and I’ve been unable to upload images for the past several days, which has been a mega bummer. Like my snowbound mother in Virginia who learned how to email for the first time this past week as she was trapped inside going nuts (thanks for writing, Mom!), I’ve taken this period of being cut off from my regular world to advance my technological powers elsewhere. And so….Facebook. I’ve taken the plunge.

For all you folks who would prefer to stay in touch with all things Gravel & Gold through Facemaster, please consider be-fanning us on our Facebook page. We’ll basically be posting the exact same info there as we post on the website—blog, events, and all—and so if that’s easier for you to follow, that’s fantastic!

I will say that a bummer cloud remains in the form of the personal page I was forced to create in order to make our business page happen. I put a photo up and zero other personal details about me, and still I find this nefarious invasion of my privacy has weakened my resolve against the dark forces of compulsion and spyificaiton. Shut. It. Down. Go. To. Bed.

But, you say, when I’m traveling in the deeps and I look and there’s this long lost friend that I can so easily find and she’ll tell me all the best restaurants and thrift stores in that particular region of Arkansas and I do an outfit check on her for every event she’s attended in the past decade, I know, I know, I’ll be so grateful….You think? For the record, though, I am finally on Facebook, I just still really really don’t know how I feel about it.

One thing I’ve done to try to mitigate my mixed feelings is to support the Lactivists working to lift Facebook’s ban on breastfeeding photos. I say that if my mug is allowed to be up there, then damn it, so should babies on boobs. To add your number to the multitude, check out the Facebook page Hey Facebook, breastfeeding is not obscene!

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