Coat of Many Colors

I like a guy who spies a coat of many colors such as this one and, unprompted, tries it on for size. With the candles rising behind him, he looks quite regal, no?

Ben and I had a laugh because this sweater-coat is so big and heavy, it’s really like a sidewalk-acceptable Snuggie—which is not a wedgie from the front, the male counterpart to the cameltoe, as was previously assumed. And furthermore along these lines, I’m spending a good part of this day dealing with how, after reading Cintra Wilson’s review of the Zero + Maria Cornejo shop, I totally dressed myself as one who has “forsaken sex and am now devoting myself fully to the co-op”, minus the artful silhouette, plus the old levis, miscellaneously ethnic embroidered shirt, and ratty cardigan.

In the end, in spite of such compelling associations, Ben went home with just the R.P. Miller hat and left the coat on the rack for some other style forsaken soul. Man alive, do I know how to sell a fellow on a garment.

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