Caitlyn Galloway

Caitlyn Galloway is co-owner of Little City Gardens, a practicing artist, and a professional sign painter. She is passionate about combining her love for farming, art, and building communities.

After graduating with an art degree from UC Santa Barbara in 2003, for one reason or another, she pretty much put down the paintbrush for a while. For a few years, her art practice was mostly about lovingly crafted correspondences mailed to far away friends, drawings for herself, for the garden, and so on.

She has always loved drawing letters, crafting new handwriting styles, and old signage, so when she stumbled upon New Bohemia Signs, she was blown away. Caitlyn started as an apprentice there in 2007, which eventually turned into regular paid work in the following year. She loves working there and is happy to be learning lettering and gilding techniques that have been used for generations.

These days, Caityn is primarily occupied, along with Brook Budner, with working on Little City Gardens, an urban farm here in the Mission. Caitlyn and Brook are growing artisinal salad mix, braising mix, and culinary herbs, offering educational workshops, and providing a working model of urban food production.

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