Mahalo Jeff + Caitlyn

Last night I stopped by the Adobe Books Backroom Gallery for the first Tuesday-night sign painting session with the good New Bohemia artisans. Two friendly faces, Jeff Canham (Note: “Ceci est une pipe”)….

and Caitlyn Galloway….

were at the ready with their pots of 1 Shot, their long steadying poles, their long-tailed brushes, and an offer to paint your very own political poster, featuring “your best provocative, witty, serious, passionate slogan,” free of charge, while U wait.

When it came my turn, I found myself explaining to Jeff that in a communal household playing host to an unending parade of shaggy dogs and sandy wetsuits, “MAHALO FOR TAKING YOUR SHOES OFF” does indeed qualify as a political statement. It’s the least we can do. As is his way, Jeff seemed to kindly accepted my slogan and got to work making one hell of a sign for our front door.

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