Saint Misbehavin’

Anything that has Misbehavin’ in the title is good by me. Bring on the rainbow tie dye. Bring the clown noses. And certainly bring the sharkie on a leash.

Saint Misbehavin’ catalogues the awesome life and times of one super special Wavy Gravy.  The film documents Wavy on his life-long quest to make the world a better place and have fun doing it. I’ve had the distinct pleasure of seeing this film twice now and I must say it is as moving and joyful as one could hope.  Come out and see this wonderful film on April Fool’s Day…not kidding!

Sneak preview will be at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland. To buy tickets, go here. The profits from the screening help to support Camp Winnarainbow, Wavy Gravy’s circus performing arts camp in Mendocino and the opening of the film.  SEY YES.



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