Ye Olde Writers Workshop

Ms. Awesome Nicky Loomis, and expertly trained and true journalist and writer, has been staying up at our group house in Bolinas for the last month walking the cliffs, befriending the People’s Store folks, making use of various detoxifying facial masks, and working on a novel. This Sunday, in exchange for her cabin time alotment, she will be offering up a casual writer’s workshop to all interested parties. Her announcement:

Friends! Come up to the land of Bo for an evening of writing and reading and cracking the creative coconut. We’re going to write by hand. Together, we will write from guided prompts and read aloud. Let’s read a couple short stories, too, to discuss. How about “On A Saturday Afternoon” (click to read) by Aimee Bender and “The Elephant Vanishes (click to read) by Haruki Murakami. 

We’ll get started around sundown. If you would like to attend, just drop me a line at I’ll send along directions to the house and get the white wine on ice.

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