Big Ups for Kick-Ass Curry

This Saturday the 17th, we’re hosting Tomo’s Kick-Ass Curry Spectacular. Tomo has begun his marketing, gathering the rice cooker wagons, and generally amping up everyone he encounters, which is pretty much business as usual for this good man.

It’s great to see that he’s receiving his just desserts—Andrew Simmons of SF Weekly is billing the party thus: “Of all the parties we’ve been to?thousands of kegs, hundreds of dinners, dozens of convoluted themes, even a half-hearted key party?few of the very best ever evoked so much promise in conception as The Kick-Ass Curry Spectacular, talented local artist Tomo Saito’s recurring Japanese-style curry blowout hosted by Gravel & Gold.” Wowza!

And now for a word from the man of the hour:

So, now it’s a season for the curry again!!

I’d love to throw this 8th party at my most fav shop in SF “Gravel & Gold” to share the technique and spirt of KICK-ASS Japanese curry that I’ve been training. Titled “Tomo’s
KICK-ASS Japanese Curry Spectacular!” I’ll inspire your belly withthese three curry dishes: vege curry, chicken curry, and the secret recipe kick-ass ground meet curry.

This time, $5 donation will be gracefully appreciated. Please bring your own drinks such as beer, wine and other beverages.
Looking forward to seeing you!

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