Shinobu Sering was born and raised in a little town called Tochigi, Japan, where her father ran a successful kimono business. Her exposure to the traditional patterns, textile weaving, and dye methods involved with making kimono led her to study art and clothing design at Tokyo Mode.

After finishing school and working as a designer and stylist, Shinobu came to the US to travel and study, but instead became absorbed in her passion for vintage clothing from different eras and cultures. She began working as a buyer for second hand clothing stores in Japan and eventually, she established a line of street wear that lasted over ten years.

In 2005, Shinobu began designing her own line called SFS (San Francisco Souvenirs) under the company named “Kenmoku” which was also her father’s kimono business name. She takes her inspirations from vintage styles and traditional methods, then adds her own twist, while keeping comfort, usefulness, and cut foremost in her mind. And to top it off, all of her pieces are made right here in San Francisco.

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