Holly Samuelsen

Holly is our tailor-in-residence at the shop, and we’re so lucky to have her in here. Her first favorite thing is fabric, in any way, shape, or form, and let me tell you, she works magic with it.

Schooled in textile surface design (screen-printing and weaving) as well as textile history and anthropology, she has since diverged from fine art and research at California College of the Arts, to her beloved labor of sewing. After an apprenticeship with the brilliant Russian master tailor, Victoria Abashidze, Holly struck off on her own.

She repairs, alters, and makes any sewn thing you can think of from scratch, including, but not limited to, tartan bean-bag chairs, slippers, wool coats, zipper replacements, hems, skinnifying pants, and copies of your favorite worn out what-have-you. A considerable bulk of her work involves repairing the crotches of worn out jeans, which enormously pleases legions of Mission cyclist while it also feeds the fire of her distaste for contemporary denim manufacturers.

If you’d like for Holly to make some alterations or creations for you, please reach her at holly@gravelandgold.com

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