Rory Rabut

There are people who like the R.P. Miller shirts we sell, though not generally as much as Rory likes them. He wears them all the time. As in, all of the time that he is dressed, he is wearing a stripey shirt. As in, the first time he came in here, he decided to buy 5 red crew necks, 5 red boat necks, and 5 navy tanks and that he would henceforth wear them and them only, and when it’s cold, all three at once. It’s been nearly a year since that day, and the man has stayed true to his word, bless him.

The uniform idea came to him because Rory is a Class-1, Grade-A finder of treasure and he didn’t want to be tempted to keep all of the incredible goodies he came across. Instead, he sells them at Gravel & Gold or at The Good Shop, a vintage store he runs with his lovely lady Ria.

All his life, Rory was visited by nightly dreams of seeking and finding treasure and restoring it to it’s rightful owner. Marvelous dreams of scrawled goosechase maps, pirate chests of gold, suspicious-looking boulders that only he knew to search behind….Now that he has made it his business to find the good and worthy among our city’s thrift stores, dumping grounds, and once, the trash can outside a Goodwill where he came across an incredibly valuable 1930’s Levi’s Big E buckleback jean jacket, he no longer dreams those dreams. He lives the dream.

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