Makelike is a multi-disciplinary design studio founded in 2000 by artist/designers Mary Kysar and Topher Sinkinson. In 2005 they were joined by artist and illustrator Rob Halverson. A year later, project/studio manager Tara Shirriff and artist/copywhiz Kristan Kennedy followed suit. Alisha Hensen, a letterpress preservationist with a flair for pattern, brought the noise in 2008. The team is based in the beating heart of the great Northwest—Portland, Oregon.

Makelike’s collaborative approach is influenced by a growing list of random yet significant life experiences (late-night bike-posse’s, Montana mountains, whiskey-pulls at Disney World, stalking handprinted-wallpaper studios in Sweden, 50’s ranch-house living, truck stop shopping, thrift-scores, DIY/garage letterpress printing, Mexican desert landscapes, Thermos™ collecting and sourcing useful utilitarian gadgets made of wood), our art backgrounds (photography, printmaking, sewing and installation) and hobbies (camping, dog walking, bird-watching, mountain climbing, Jell-O making, edible mushroom hunting, plaster casting, demolition, alpine yodeling and melon balling). For now, it’s all about cacti, and here’s why. We’re stoked to carry their pointy-looking, soft-feeling tea towels.

This photo of Mary and Topher was taken by Adrian Gaut.

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