Abby Ulman

Abby Ulman hails from Melbourne, Australia, sister-city to SF if ever there was one. She sauntered in on day two of G&G @ 21st St. and immediately announced, I want to spend all my time in here! To put a stop to her Veruca-Salt-esque whingeing and foot-stamping, the ladies of G&G proclaimed Sunday Abby day, and handed her a golden key.

When she is not lady-manning the shop from the comfort of the daybed, she can be found snooping round your neighbourhood for objects red & green, drinking coffee and pretending she works in the industry, writing snappy and pun-laden copy for snappy, pun-loving businesses, and carving notches in her bedframe for the cities she’s lived in (so far she has Melbourne, Jerusalem, Cairo, Paris, San Francisco, and old New York).

Primarily, though, she is a fiction writah. A former Stegner Fellow at Stanford, her work has appeared in Best Australian Poems, New England Review, Meanjin, and New Australian Stories. Her debut short story collection is forthcoming from Penguin Australia.

Come visit on her on Sundays (12-5). Bring treats, and buy lots of loot! She wants to convince her employeuses that she’s doing a ripper of a job.

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