Hats Off to KPIG

I’ve been a proud piggy listener of KPIG radio, 1510 on the AM dial, for some time now, so it was with considerable dismay/denial that I took to listening to paltry FM stations these past couple of days while my trusty pork lenders sorted out for me why 1510 on my AM dial is no longer crackily playing fantastic mom-friendly tunes like Ry Cooder, Joy of Cooking, Bonnie, B.B., and so on, but is currently instead a Chinese-language broadcast of some kind. After summoning the courage to confront this fact by asking Nile about it, she confirmed that she too had heard the Chinese language and was also in denial.

So after fixing myself a tall, soothing mug of mint tea this evening, I went to the KPIG website to confront what’s what. Well, it’s true, fellow piggies. There’s no more KPIG on the Bay Area 1510 AM dial, only KPIG on the FM dial, available in a couple areas so far away that I’ll never pick them up on my way to work. Streaming online, yes, some, but it’s not the same. Sad, sad day. I sorta miss the denial even.

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