The Kellyland Times, Issue #4

The best pieces of news we’ve received of late have been the first four issues of The Kellyland Times, written and published by our friend Bronwen’s twin sisters, Isabelle and Natalie Halsey. These two witty, rad, and hilarious young journalists have been turning out first-class copy all summer long.

I thought I would share the entire Issue #4 with this online readership so that they get to see what they’re missing, and in hopes of persuading more readers to subscribe to future issues which, since school is about to begin, will move to a bi-monthly schedule. The cost is $1 per issue, which you can send to the girls at the address listed at the upper left side of the envelope they sent us.

New readers of The Kellyland Times might find the Letters to the Editors section of this Issue #4 particularly illuminating, as the authors respond to the question, “I would like to know why the paper is called ‘The Kellyland Times.’ Would you explain in your next issue?” Their response, duh, is that “we call our stuffed animals kellys and they live in kellyland. there are 4 types of kellys biggie kellys, normal kellys, beanie-weenies, and the weenie-weenies. we started calling them kellys when we were 2 and our mom had lunch with a neighbor named kelly (at least thats the story our mom tells us).” Which explains the Kelly of the Month: Fluff and some of the other stuff.

On a personal note, the ladies of G+G Shop would like to apologize to Isabelle and Natalie for taking so long to place an ad in the Times. Please rest assured that we intend to do so in the very near future. Can’t wait for Issue #5!!!!

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