Coastal Caravan

Los Angelina friends! I’m hard, hard at work this week road tripping down the 1 with nice people, luxcampin’ in an Airstream loaner, thrift shopping, swimming, and meeting artists, all in the name of One Trip Pass and Ace Hotel.

We’re gonna turn out two party games in the end—the first at Cleveland Art in downtown LA and then at the Ace in Palm Springs this weekend. Gravel & Gold gear shall mingle with the likes of Apolis Activism, Billykirk, Best Made, Field Notes, Golden Bear, The Hill-Side, Mollusk Surf Shop, Meg Co, Old War Horse, Pearl Plus, Pendleton, Rapha, RTH, Tanner, and Yuketan, plus the fine arts of Ty Williams, Tom Killion, and Nate Bressler. More! Celebrations for the reissue of Ted Lucas’ 1975 self-titled masterwork.

Ted Lucas:

Tom Killion, Mt. Tamalpais from Big Rock ridge, 2006:

Up-coast mocs. Oh shit! Photo from Jay:

Posse. And that straight outta the camera effect was a complete mistake, I swear. I’ve got a loaner camera this week with a mind of it’s own. A fairly hip to the 90s, mystery to me mind, it turns out.

Come hang with us!

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