Favorite Favorite

IKO IKO is my favorite shop.

This last week, when down in LA, I had the great good fortune to visit Kristin Dickson at her shop/studio two days in a row. It is a heart pounding, eyes darting situation around there. First off, Kristin is an absolute hardworking peach who sneakily tempts me to go deep with every item in the space while at the same time, she’s so freakin’ awesome that I just wanna stand around hamming it up with her the entire time.

Once I muster a bit of focus, I head first to the racks of Kristin’s kryptonite clothing line, Rowena Sartin, which she designs in the back of the shop. The fabrics are what get me first—nubbly silks, palest linen, stiff cotton—and the designs are subtly odd yet wearable, and in my case, catastrophically purchasable.

And then there are the ceramics, the local preserves, the Hannah Keefe chain necklaces, the vintage textile arts books, the little Japanese thingys like black Q-tips, the boro, the out-sized polka dots….

Ack! the WAKA WAKA furniture collection made by Kristin’s sweetheart Shin Okuda, including those great Memphis-inspired hat racks….

And to top it all off, Frisbee, a superb shop pooch, making the rounds, making sure everyone is exploding with happiness.

Thanks very much to Kristin and Shin for all the inspiration! IKO IKO is located at 1298 Sunset Blvd and is open Tues-Sat 1-7, Sun 1-5.

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