EMployee of My Heart

Daag, girl! It takes a special charm to wrangle the hottest man in baseball into a photo booth at freakin’ Beauty Bar on your mama-jamma birthday last week in the lead up to the World Series. By her own account, the remaining frames of the strip are “too racy” to share on the interwebz….fair enough. Another Daaaaaaag is in order, then.

Those of us who have the pleasure of knowing Em Gift are not so much surprised that Jonathan Sánchez wanted to get very, very close to her and to document the moment for all time, but this pic does serve as a rather official confirmation of Em’s position at the central axis of the intergalactic positivity centrifuge.

Folks, meet our new EMployee, Em. Lead singer of a Cranberries cover band called Ocean Spray, performer, pinata developer, fimo master, dancer’s dancer, ever informed of whatever is happening DJwise, vibration adjuster, cheerful welcomer of the REAL New Age, Santa Cruz alum, space boss, Heidi braid boss, friend to children, friend to acid-washed denim, addictive lingo creatress, haver of most amazing post-Katrina fleur de lys tat cover up of all time (you gotta ask to see, see to believe), green of thumb, long of leg, tart of tongue, basically a party in a human, she’s gonna be working at the shop half the week from here on out and we are so super stoked on it.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of making Em’s acquaintance, we offer you this chance.

Vamos Gigantes!

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