Ursa Major

Here’s Kate Jones-lady on the jewelry biz:

When I was a kid, my family lived throughout the Caribbean on a sailboat named Ursa Major. I was 8 when we settled in Maine where we could set up a home and still sail all the time.

I went to Rhodes Island School of Design along with fellow G&G makers Raïssa Bump and Jonathon Anzalone. Afterward, I lived in Melbourne, Australia before returning to the East Coast and moving back to Maine briefly where I started up jewelry design for the men’s clothing line Rogues Gallery along with another mainline Gravel & Gold personality, Jay Carroll.

Did that for a few years, did some long term sailing in central America with the family in between. I’ve been living happily in NYC for the past two years where I focus on my jewelry line while pursuing fun collaborations on the side and baking olive oil cakes for local coffee shops.

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