S-Hook Belt

This is the most clever and elegant belt we’ve ever come across. Just a a 1.75″ wide walnut brown leather belt with a 2 x 2″ brass buckle. The magic comes when you consider that there are no holes and only the simplest fastening, making it infinitely adjustable and sharable (but don’t let your lady know we told you so).

It is made in New York City by Barbara Shaum, who has been running a custom leather shop in the East Village since 1963. And though she’d probably deny the connection, we like to think that the “Z”-ish “S” buckle is for Shaum.

There are two sizes available. Size A is 42″ long and is good for waist sizes up to about 32″, depending on how much growing room you’d like to allow. The rest should go for a Size B, which is 43.25″ long.

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