Em Gift

The newest life force to the Gravel & Gold on the constant sphere, Em brings a mighty punch to the shop. An artist all-round, and enthusiast by nature, Em is in constant query as to the world around her and how to attain the REAL New Age. She has been known throughout the city for her wild dancing, her Cranberries cover band Ocean Spray and her performance art alike.

Em’s spontaneity is what grounds her, however there are two constants in her life; she is always down to take a dance class on a whim or go thrifting at any given time. In shop she is keen to talk about anything or nothing, to laugh or not laugh and to receive gifts by you or not you.

Currently devoting all her energies to coven, Em is looking forward not only to tightening up ship and tidying up shop but corybantic for the opportunity to bring her wares into the Gravel & Gold sphere. Look forward to posi—–>energy, pinatas and nostalgic jewelry.

Q: Are you leaving?
A: Na-maste

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