Sven Comfort Clogs

In 1974, Sven Carlsson came to the United States to make clogs. At the time, he owned one of the largest clog factories in Europe and Scandinavian countries. He was shipping regularly to the U.S. so he decided to come over and make them here. Marie Rivers started working for the factory in 1979, where she became head seamstress, helped with the design of the clogs, and soon realized that this was more than a job, it had become a passion.

In 1996, Sven decided to retire and Marie bought the business. She has been producing clogs ever since, using only the very best of materials. Their bases are from Australia and Sweden, their leathers come from all over the U.S. and Holland, and their sheepskin is from Australia. At Sven, they take pride that their clogs are handcrafted in Minnesota by highly skilled workers, and they’re proud of every pair that ships out the door.

Gravel & Gold is delighted to have collaborated with Sven to produe a custom selection of clog boots.

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