The Cosmos Speaks

Serendipity is not just a movie staring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale, it is the emotional quadrant in which the shop seems to be orbiting these days. Actually, most days we whisper nicely with sweet old Serendipity, but some days she just walks right in, shakes our hand, tries us on, and shows us the portrait tattoo of us on her forearm. Allow me to explain some-such connections….

The great Ljiljana sweater sale of this November has so far brought to our dimension, not only a bounty of head-donuts and trench-sweaters-bearing-a-fine-artisan-weave, but also a woman by the name of Paulina Olowska. The scent of Serbian wool drew her into the shop, where, unbeknown to her she would fall upon the direct inspiration for her work.

As an Eastern European native, Paulina is intimately familiar with the bountiful sights of high-end fashion sweaters of the 80’s. In her work, which is currently being shown at Metro Pictures Gallery in New York, Paulina shows paintings and knitted sweaters adapted from postcards of home knitting patterns from late communist-era Poland. You know, postcards such as the ones currently gracing all the walls and windows of the shop.

Lucky for us, Paulina will be giving a talk at CCA on December 2nd (hopefully while wearing her full on Ljiljana white cross-stitched ensemble). She is also the current Capp Street Project artist in residence and so, for a little while, our neighbor. Coincidence? The cosmos says probably not.

The NEXT DAY mind you, a Mr. Thomas of the Thomas clan of England graced our shop, enquiring after the escutcheon framed and mounted in our front window. He asked me if it was for sale. I said yes. He said I’ll take it. And of course he took it! But not before I took this picture of his identical tattoo of the crest, minus the cross-stitchery detail on the fess, because it was none other than his own family’s coat of arms. Wow. Once again coincidence? Heck no. Hats off to fate and her sisters!

Working at the shop is a whirlwind of positive upward mobility and down-to-hearth experiences that, more often than not, have me in disbelief of the odds.  I mean what are they, those odds? Cause they are definitely in my favor!  Also, um… odds? Riddle me this: when will I meet, in big coincidence fashion, a gifted all-night lover?
More later. Namastay Tuned!

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