We have been bowled over this fall by the influx of hard-crafting ladies that have joined our shop effort. First came Lady Em, and soon after, Holly Samuelsen moved in to the corkboard zone in the back of the shop.

When we were first getting the space together, we had envisioned that area as a compact studio space for an artist. Holly, of course, is a dream match for us. She is a massively talented fabricsmith who both has her own business going on, providing alterations and custom sewing to the general public, along with fabricating a bunch of things for the shop. With more to come soon! We have so many plans up our now-impeccably tailored sleeves….Plus it is such a delight to spend the day in here with her measuring, cutting, pressing, and sweetly elving away.

If you’d like for Holly to make some alterations or creations for you, please come on back! Or you can reach her at holly@gravelandgold.com Lady can make anything. For real. And FYI, Holly’s lovely alterations tickets were designed by the equally lovely Robbie Simon.

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