Kimono/Sailcloth Bags

Susan Hoff has recently brought in a gorgeous limited edition group of bags featuring re-purposed kimono silks and wools on the outside, recycled sailcloth on the inside, and, as usual, recycled leather bridles for straps. The combination of refined exterior textiles with the toughness and durability of dacron sails and leather make for the perfect city haul bag.

Susan’s studio is right down the way from us on Valencia Street. Here, she takes us through her bag building process.

First, the kimonos are laid out for deconstruction/reconstruction.

Next she separates out the chartreuse lining from the rose print wool exterior fabric to be used on separate bags.

Then the antique kimono fabrics are sewn together with heavy duty dacron sails.

And here’s the finished base–vintage wool kimono lined with a sturdy sailcloth. Add a leather strap, and you’ve got one helluva hauler.

Get ‘em while you can. Not only are these beauties one of a kind, but Susan is about to take off for an epic trans-Atlantic sailing adventure, so we sadly won’t be getting any more in stock for a while to come. Many thanks to Susan for allowing me to share these images from her blog at

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