Kibbe Pouch

Last week I received the most extraordinary gift from the incredibly talented Aimee Kibbe. We share a favorite book, Native Funk & Flash, which was published in 1974 and covers the superfly embroidery scene that was going on at the time in San Francisco. Aimee’s been snooping her mom’s copy for as long as she can remember and, over the years, she’s developed needle skills that would earn her front and center props should an updated version ever come to be (big time note to self).

Aimee made this satchel for me in secret. It’s made from an old pair of Woolco sailor jeans and features the G&G pyramid and guiding principle, a portrait with starfish hair dobbers that reminds me of the beautiful way traditional Tibetan ladies do up their dos, and my name embroidered on the flipside in my favorite color, plum. The detail of the face and all the different stitches involved is so inspiring to me!

Since taking it on, it’s really changed my whole wardrobe dynamic. Overnight, out went the skinny stovepipes and the confusing Japanese woolens, in came the old mega-flares, the bulky cableknits, and the super positive vibes.

I wasn’t in the shop when Aimee came down from Nevada City with her daughter Tiger Lily and dropped it off, which totally bummed me out, but I was stoked to be able to hug her and thank her a coupla days ago at the In the Kitchen cookie exchange. Thanks so much again, Aimee!

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