This year, I’d like to think about jogging more and do a lot more jogging and look at a lot more old pictures of other people jogging.

But don’t mistake this as a resolution. I’m not so into resolutions, fitness resolutions least of all. Kind of like I’m not into fitness classes, yoga least of all. The idea of scheduling my day around a time where I pay money and go to a room where a person tells me to bend and stretch, and how, and for how long, all in that maddeningly calmy-calm voice is just not for me.

Jogging, on the other hand, is free, gets me outside, and makes me feel strong. Plus I’m lucky enough to be able to jog shirtless with a power band at many of  the same places as obvious Bolinas-dweller Fred here.

Good info! For some more wisdom, check out Fred Rohés The Zen of Running, published in 1974, which he has offered up as a free download on his website.

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