Bread Snack

Thinking crazy thoughts about making it to New York for the show on 112 Greene Street at David Zwirner. Two days remaining….

Gordon Matta-Clark
Bronx Floor, 1973

Gordon Matta-Clark
Tree Forms, 1971

Jonesing for Food, for real, or at least Food, should one ever become available.

Temporarily satiated by the Parsons Bread Book, which made its way to the shop on the hot tipping wind of an anonymous customer. It’s a great little book put together by the 1973 senior students at Parsons, who photographed and profiled 11 bakeries in the New York/New Jersey area–mostly old school places filling great big wire racks with fresh baked loaves behind beautiful handpainted plate glass, plus one conspicuous Magic Mommy upstate. Then the second half has recipes, stories, and collages, which pairs nicely with the sunny spot on our daybed and a particularly excellent slice of Josey’s bread.

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