Juniper Ridge Incense

Folks always seem to respond kindly to the way our shop smells. The secret, for the most part, is good vibes and this stuff (we usually burn Piñon).

Juniper Ridge produces incenses with 100% wild-gathered leaves, wood and resins from the mountains and deserts of the West that are zero percent cloying freshman dormish. Rather, they burn clean, smell natural and camp firey and come in markedly handsome packages. Plus, Juniper Ridge donates 10% of their profits to defending Western wilderness.

Please choose from:
Juniper: If you’ve ever been to the Grand Canyon and nudged perilously close to the edge and wondered what that insane tree jutting out from the side of the cliff was, it was Juniper. Juniper covers vast portions of the Southwest and seems happily at home clinging to small ledges or peeking up between boulders on precipitous slopes. This incense captures the subtly sweet, cinnamon-like scent of Juniper and is reminiscent of backcountry campfires in the canyon country of the Southwest.

White Sage: White sage, with its incredibly strong, aromatic resins, is the most highly prized Western Sage. It is found in the rugged mountains of the Southwest, where it is burned ceremonially in purification rituals. Its beautiful leaf clusters and enormous flowering stalks burst forth in the spring, painting streaks of white against the rusty green hillsides and filling the air with the pungent scent of wild Sage. This is the only Sage incense anywhere made with 100% real White Sage.

Desert Piñon: Although pine trees are commonly associated with alpine lakes, this member of the pine clan has strayed out into the hot deserts of the Southwest. A like a black sheep rebel who can’t stand the crowded conformity of the mountains, this desert dwellers splays its twisted branches wildly and generally gets its groove on where no one call tell it what to do. This incense evokes winter nights in the Southwest, where Piñon is burned as firewood and its sweet, resiny scent drifts through the air.

Sweetgrass: Sweetgrass is found in alpine meadows throughout the mountainous regions of the West, from Alaska south to the Rockies and Sierra Nevada. It is one of the treasured plants of native tribes in Canada and the American West, who use it ceremonially along with White Sage.  When burned, it has a lovely, soft, vanilla-like scent and a centering energy that evokes the ephemeral, shimmering green mountain meadows where it grows.

Douglas Fir: No tree is more deeply identified with the Pacific Northwest than Douglas Fir, which grows to enormous proportions, rivaling Redwoods in size, and forms pure stands over much of the Northwest. When burned, it has a wonderfully cozy, wood-smoke scent that might remind you of that time you camped on the Oregon Coast, when the light scent of Doug Fir campfires hung in the air as night settled in. So enjoy this reminder of the big tree and glacier country of the Pacific Northwest.

Cedar: Siskiyou Cedar is found only in the remote, coastal mountains of the Pacific Northwest’s Siskiyou country. Most Cedar incenses are made with the perfumey- smelling essential oil of European Cedar—that’s why they don’t smell anything like the Western Cedars we know and love. This is the only incense anywhere made with real Cedar from the Pacific Northwest. Burn a stick and let your mind drift away to the forests of the rugged Northwest.

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