Global Brand Auntie: Esprit

Thanks very much to Arlo’s aunties who, between beach walking, jacuzzing, and meatball devouring, managed also to squeeze in some modeling for me this past weekend. For instance here, clearly they are selling earrings. May the spirit of ?SPIRIT remain with you always. xx

American Apparel: Everything you do has already been done, minus the grotty.

The Easy Rider chicks would eat that girl for breakfast.

Is that guy on the lower left purporting to nap through such hot digi action?

So this is a relatively straight shot. I just want that shirt. Bad.

Lisa and I did not know each other when we were kids, so no, that’s not us. But we rocked all that gear.

Images from Esprit–The Making of an Image by Helie Robertson, 1985. Also, for the serious admirer of cotton sweaters, Sottsass, and “scenario” retail environments, hesitate not to lay down for Esprit–The Comprehensive Design Principle by Doug Tompkins, 1995.

The checkout kiosk and shoe display at the Cologne Esprit store. Designed by Shuji Hisada for Sottsass Associati Studio.

And here’s the main San Francisco headquarters down at 900 Minnesota Street, complete with quilts and octagonals. So much to learn from this native SF business auntie.

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