Coral Spike Hoops

Alana taps into the Egyptian mermaid dimension with this pair, without at all crossing into the museum gift shop dimension.

Lisa: Actually, one of my favorite scarves is a museum shop deal.
Nile: Yeah, and my water walker glass bracelet. And my favorite colored pencils. Stickers. Pointy claws.
Cass: That’s right. And my flamenco sunglasses.

Any way. Museum shops are awesome. And so are these museum shop-worthy hoops. They’re smartly and simply constructed, with coral spikes and gold beads. The closure is a turned up gold-filled wire that passes through a small hole.

Be advised that their generous scale does not a lightweight pair of earrings make. If you have sensitive ears, they might not be the best choice for you. But if you’re awesome and you like them, clap your hands.

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